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10 anime characters who betrayed their families

BingMag.com 10 <b>anime</b> <b>characters</b> <b>who</b> <b>betrayed</b> <b>their</b> families

It is common for anime characters to betray their friends or peers. But it is rare for an anime character to betray his family.

Betrayal is a common theme in anime. It is a good trick to deceive or surprise the audience. Eisen betrayal is one of the most famous betrayals in "Bleach" anime. His betrayal of his contemporaries was so severe that he deceived them for years and secretly tried to kill a few of them, until the truth was finally revealed.

Most of the time, betrayal is not limited to the villains of the story. The heroes may betray their loved ones as much as the villains in the story. Interestingly, traitors usually have a good justification for their betrayal. anime characters usually betray their friends or peers, but only in rare cases do these characters even betray their family. Keep in mind that there is a risk of the story being leaked.

10. Show Tucker - Fullmetal Alchemist ( Fullmetal Alchemist )

BingMag.com 10 <b>anime</b> <b>characters</b> <b>who</b> <b>betrayed</b> <b>their</b> families

The betrayal that Shaw Tucker commits in "All-Metal Alchemist" is always remembered by many anime fans. He is initially described as a kind father and an extraordinary scientist, but eventually the veil is removed and we see that Shaw Tucker is a terrifying monster.

He has gone mad with his research. And to complete his research, he not only turns his wife into a shimmer (a mythical creature in ancient Greece), but also performs horrific experiments on their daughter and their family dog. Tucker is one of the most hated characters in the anime world for what he has done.

9. Itachi Ochiha - Naruto ( Naruto )

BingMag.com 10 <b>anime</b> <b>characters</b> <b>who</b> <b>betrayed</b> <b>their</b> families

8. All for one - My Hero Academia ( My Hero Academia )

BingMag.com 10 <b>anime</b> <b>characters</b> <b>who</b> <b>betrayed</b> <b>their</b> families

Everyone was born a devil. That's why it's hard to say that he betrayed anyone, because that was his nature. However, for one, it was all likely somewhere in the life of an ordinary human being, until the thirst for power seized him.

At My Hero Academy, he eventually becomes an authoritarian tyrant, and everyone decides Destroy the one who gets in his way, even his brother. Everyone imprisons his brother for one, then applies a shark to him to make his brother obey him. His brother resists and turns the shark towards him. The only shark that can defeat him.

7. Ren Soma - Fruit Basket ( Fruits Basket )

BingMag.com 10 <b>anime</b> <b>characters</b> <b>who</b> <b>betrayed</b> <b>their</b> families Ren Soma is a character who delicates his betrayal more subtly than others. He hates and abuses his daughter Akito, which is why Akito himself is abusive.

They think he deserves special respect because he is the mother of the zodiac god. Since he does not treat himself like God, he takes revenge on Akito and treats him badly. He even asks Isuzu to steal Akito. In "Fruit Basket", instead of witnessing a moment of special betrayal of Ren Soma, we find out that he has been betraying Akito all his life.

6. Tamaki Su - Ouran High School Host Club ( Ouran High School Host Club )

BingMag.com 10 <b>anime</b> <b>characters</b> <b>who</b> <b>betrayed</b> <b>their</b> families

Tamaki Su was a cheerful person, and few thought he could betray anyone. On the advice of his family, he gets engaged to a woman, but he is still not sure if he is willing to endure all this trouble to make his family happy. In particular, his grandmother's main problem is that he seems to hate Tamaki.

Finally, thanks to Harouhi's intervention, Tamaki abandons his family's wishes and rejects the engagement. True, this time we are on the side of a mild betrayal, but in any case, this is another betrayal!

5. Satsuki Kirwin - Kill La Kill ( Kill La Kill )

BingMag.com 10 <b>anime</b> <b>characters</b> <b>who</b> <b>betrayed</b> <b>their</b> families

Satsuki is a complex character. At first he seems calm and cool, then he opens up little by little and approaches himself to others. The relationship between him and his mother is also complicated. His mother treats him more like a tool than a daughter. Ragio treats Satsuki so badly that he secretly plots to rebel.

Satsuki's mother conducts many experiments on him. It even turns out that he is sexually abusing her. Despite this, it is not surprising that Satsuki eventually betrays his mother and stabs her in the back.

4. Light Yagami - Death Note ( Death Note )

BingMag.com 10 <b>anime</b> <b>characters</b> <b>who</b> <b>betrayed</b> <b>their</b> families

Light is smart and lovable to his family. He always gets good grades in school and avoids trouble. No one knows that Light has a strong thirst for killing criminals and becoming a god. Death Book allows Light to kill anyone he wants by simply writing his name in the office. All that is needed is the name and appearance of the party.

With such power, Light kills hundreds. He constantly hides his deeds from his father and lies to him. Eventually, his father suspects him and thinks he has become a murderer. It was his father's luck that he did not live and did not see what monster his son would later become.

3. Hirozen Sarutobi - Naruto ( Naruto )

BingMag.com 10 <b>anime</b> <b>characters</b> <b>who</b> <b>betrayed</b> <b>their</b> families

Hirozen Sarotobi was Hokage's third, and for a long time everyone looked at him with great human eyes. He was the most enduring Hokage, and because of that, the whole village was counted on him. As more and more aspects of his past became apparent, people realized that he was not as good a hokage as they thought he was.

Behave and become a ginchurik (people with a stuffed animal inside). Sarotubi does the opposite, making the whole village hate Naruto, and doing nothing when Naruto is rejected by everyone. The betrayals of the fourth Hokkaidah must have shaken his body to the grave.

2. - ( The Promised Neverland )

BingMag.com 10 <b>anime</b> <b>characters</b> <b>who</b> <b>betrayed</b> <b>their</b> families

In "Promised Nowhere", Ray is a bilateral agent, or even a tripartite agent. He first goes forward as his mother's spy, but later turns out to have never been on his mother's side. When he gains the trust of the other children, he tries to distract his mother while the other children are plotting an escape plan. Unfortunately, his mother realizes his trick and gets his revenge.

1. Zuko - Avatar: The Last Airbender ( Avatar: The Last Airbender )

BingMag.com 10 <b>anime</b> <b>characters</b> <b>who</b> <b>betrayed</b> <b>their</b> families

Zuko is one of the few characters who has a good reason for betraying his family. He is the son of the Lord of Fire, who seeks to rule the world. Although Zuko at first sided with his peers, he later realized that he was on the wrong side of history. He hates it. Fortunately, in the end, everything goes in Zuko's favor.

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