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10 anime characters with strange habits

BingMag.com 10 anime characters with strange habits

Animes are sometimes very unusual, and it is the characters in these animes that cause this to happen. It's not just the unusual appearance of the characters. The anime industry, with so many different stories, movies, and series, has become an opportunity for characters with very strange behaviors and habits to emerge, which is why they are so distinct.

Strange is not a bad thing at all. Being ordinary is something that is taken very seriously, everyone is special and distinct in their own way. But some of the anime characters have a very high concentration of weirdness. Everything is found in these characters. From unusual desires and habits to strange obsessions, we have no limits and everything you can think of is there. For this reason, in this article, we did not hesitate to go to 10 anime characters who have strange morals and habits. There are many of these characters in the anime world, but these 10 are their flagships!

10. Deco and those scary underdogs - My Hero Academia )

BingMag.com 10 anime characters with strange habits For a long time, Deco only dreamed of becoming a champion. Unfortunately, he is strange in his own way, he only looks at the heroics of other heroes and records their strange behaviors and deeds in his notebook. All this time he has been expressing his findings under his breath. Deco still repeats this, even when he realizes a strange thing about himself. Thinks long and hard), the problem is that sometimes he gets too drowned in it and he does not realize what a horrible look it looks like in this situation.

9. Jango who constantly hypnotizes himself - One Piece

BingMag.com 10 anime characters with strange habits

Jango, who can be considered one of the first anti-pirate pirates, was a former member of the Black Hat Pirates. Is currently serving in the Navy. The pendulum he uses on the battlefield has another function, giving him his most important ability, hypnosis. With the help of hypnosis, he both puts his enemies to sleep and can strengthen the power of his peers.

The only problem is that Jango has a bad habit and always forgets to close his eyes when hypnotized, which makes him more Sometimes he himself becomes hypnotized and falls asleep! Definitely not a good habit to be on the battlefield.

8. Gray and her inability to dress - Fairy Tail ( Fairy Tail )

BingMag.com 10 anime characters with strange habits

Gary is a member of the Natsu team and the Ice Wizard of the Free Teal Association. He has learned everything from his master, in fact, everything he knows is because of his master. But these exercises have had a side effect. Gary sometimes unconsciously takes off his clothes among the people.

This habit is always embarrassing, he does not even realize that he has done it, unless someone tells him. Gary usually notices underwear before doing this, but sometimes he takes it off!

7. Death and its full counterparts - Soul Eater ( Soul Eater )

BingMag.com 10 anime characters with strange habits

Death Deck lives under a golden rule: perfect symmetry. According to Kidd, everything has to be perfectly symmetrical, from his clothes to his weapons and even his favorite number. Anything that is only slightly asymmetric can cause him anger, depression, and even illness.

This obsession sometimes even affects the way he struggles. If the goal he is fighting is a perfect match, he will not fight it. If the goal is not symmetrical, he releases it with sadness. The irony is that Kidd, despite his insistence on this obsession, is not symmetrical at all, thanks to the white strands on one side of his hair.

6. Mako and his sudden excitement - Kill La Kill h Mako is always energetic and optimistic and has a strange personality under normal circumstances, but the same energy makes him lovable. He has been. Mako has a strange habit: he has a huge appetite, he can not stay awake in class, but Mako's strangest habit is undoubtedly those sudden and strangely motivated conversations that motivate him.

Sometimes, before, after or during a In the great battle, Mako takes on a special mood and gives a fiery and quick speech about the current situation. These conversations are so exciting and crazy that Mako's audience often do not even know what he is talking about.

5. Touge and his brass tongue - Jujutsu Kaisen ( Jujutsu Kaisen )

BingMag.com 10 anime characters with strange habits

The skill of Toge Inomaki, a magician of jujutsu, is a curse. Almost every word he says turns into a powerful curse that destroys his listener. Since this power of Tuge is always active, he must always be careful in his professionalism so as not to harm people unintentionally. To do this, Touge has limited himself to always talking only about rice food and its ingredients.

Whenever Touge wants to have a normal conversation, we find that his words revolve around things like "grain" and " "Boiled" and these things spin. Strangely enough, over time, his friends have more or less noticed his vocabulary and understand what he means by his brass words.

4. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure h2>

BingMag.com 10 anime characters with strange habits

To be fair, we have a lot of unusual characters in the "Strange Jojo Adventure" anime that can get into this. To be listed, it is not possible to create a separate list for this anime at all. But even in such anime, the character of Wingar Dupu has one of the strangest habits possible. DuPio has a boss named Diavlo and uses strange methods to contact him.

Whenever Diavlo wants to talk to DuPio, DuPio rings the phone, picks up the "phone" and answers. This phone can be anything from ice cream to frogs or even a cigarette. During these calls, DuPo has no understanding of the phone he is using.

3. His intense obsession with suicide - Bungo Stray Dogs /h2>

BingMag.com 10 anime characters with strange habits

Suicide is certainly not a funny subject and it is not a discussion that can be talked about very easily, but Daza's character The anime "Bongo Stray Dogs" has a strange obsession with it. Although Dazai may not look like this at first glance, he constantly thinks about death and has a terrible desire to commit suicide. Of course, as he says, he likes to have a "quiet" suicide and "a beautiful woman" with him. He even composed a song about his suicide!

Because of such an obsession, we see throughout the series that Daza uses different methods of suicide, each method is more bizarre than the last, and it fails each time. Interestingly, it was during one of these suicide attempts that Daza first became acquainted with Atsushi.

2. Rica and the high level of Chunibyo - Love, Chunibyo and other delusions ( Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions )

BingMag.com 10 anime characters with strange habits

Chonibio, or "second year of middle school syndrome," occurs when a teenager Who likes to be a prominent person, is captured by great illusions, such a person usually thinks he has special powers. Rica Takanashi has one of the highest levels of Chonibio in anime history, she claims to be a witch and has the power of an "oppressive eye" under her blindfold.

But in reality, she is an ordinary girl who goes from morning till night He lives in his dreams. It is these dreams that cause him to engage in personal tragedies. Nevertheless, Rica lives as if all these illusions are real, pretending that automatic doors open with her magic, and imagining imaginary battles in her mind.

1. Al and that strange sitting posture and his great interest in sweets - Death Note ( Death Note )

BingMag.com 10 anime characters with strange habits

L is a very famous detective in the "Death Office" anime who seeks to arrest a murderer. There is a chain called Kira. The credibility and appearance of L is such that at first glance we think he is a serious and non-stick detective, but later when we see his unusual behavior and ethics, we realize that he is a strange creature!

If until now the series If you have not seen, it is not bad to know that L usually sits squatting on a chair, he believes that in normal sitting position, his reasoning power does not work well. If you still do not agree, he is a strange character, also know that El is very fond of sweets, he almost always eats only sweets such as desserts and fruits. It is hard to imagine a world-famous detective with such habits.

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