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تلماسه; A brief look at the religions and beliefs of Frank Herbert's world

BingMag.com تلماسه; A brief look at the religions and beliefs of Frank Herbert's world

Various prophecies, ancient women's circles, a gospel that is orange for any reason. The religion of the dune world may seem confusing and strange to many.

  • Everything you need to know before watching the movie Dune

Of course, the biggest and most important question about This is probably the question: What does religion mean in the world of dwarfism? The answer to this question depends on who you ask. For some, like decrees, it is a way of life. But for those in power, it is a political tool. Many people who live in the higher and more powerful classes of the dungeon world (people like members of the Space Union, who control all interstellar travel) do not believe in religion or supernatural beliefs. Even the members of the Ibn Jazrat sect do not consider themselves a religious group, but they leave beliefs and superstitions in the minds of other people in order to achieve their own goals. All of this was due to Frank Herbert's approach to expanding the world of his story. Become the power and obedience of the people.

Orange Catholic Bible

BingMag.com تلماسه; A brief look at the religions and beliefs of Frank Herbert's world

At the center of all beliefs The people of the dune, the orange gospel is located. This gospel is the main and most important religious text used throughout the world of the dune. A book that was created thousands of years ago by combining hundreds of different religious beliefs.

It all started with a revolt against machines. About 10,000 years before the events of the first book of the Dwarf (which is 10,000 years after our time), people's lives were tied to artificial intelligence or the "god of machine logic." Until a great 200-year-old revolution called the Butler Jihad took place, after which people rejected artificial intelligence technology altogether and came to believe that "nothing can replace man." The same story led to the emergence of minions (what came to be known as human substitutes for computers), such as Thoffier Howat, people who have been trained to use their mind mechanisms as the closest example to computer thinking and use them instead of artificial intelligence. In the wake of Butler's jihad, the Space Travel Union and Ben Jazrat (two groups that were gaining increasing power and influence) persuaded the leaders of all the world's religions to unite and write a single text. They began to work, combining and redefining the thousands of religious beliefs and ideas of the ancient empire to form a new, unified text that included the teachings and themes of Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and other religions.

A commission of translators from around the world worked together for seven years until the Orange Catholic Bible was finally published. An 1,800-page book that brings together the teachings of all known religions, one of the main themes of which was the discussion of trust in humans to form the belief in the mind that "never trust machines."

There are several different explanations as to why the book was titled Orange Catholic Bible, and none of them were confirmed by Herbert himself. Frank Herbert's son Brian (who wrote the sequel to his father's book) said the book was a fusion of Catholic and Protestant beliefs (referring to the Orange, Protestant and Political Association in Ireland) and several different religious beliefs. . In some sources, it is stated that this name has no special meaning and is just a play on words.


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The Bin Jazrit Sister Association is a mysterious and unique women's circle in the world of dice that has been working for thousands of years to educate people the way it wants. The circle was formed following the Butler jihad (although it is said to date back much earlier) and found an important and influential position alongside the Space Travel Union, becoming one of the most powerful political forces in the world.

Members of this circle Mysterious for a lifetime of training and preparation, they have mental and physical powers beyond ordinary human beings, including the power of penetrating words that compel people to do different things, the ability to discover the truth, and the power to control every single muscle and nerve in the body. The most powerful of them are even able to access congenital memories and see the events of tens of thousands of years ago.

Jazrat is not a religious organization, but uses religion as a tool to achieve its goals and objectives. Much of their knowledge comes from the book, a handbook that gathers information from the oldest beliefs and seems to be older than the Orange Catholic Bible. However, the members of the Jazrat do not believe in religious and superstitious beliefs, and they know that the gods are made by the human mind.

. Anderson has a paragraph about Ben Jazrit that further helps to understand their ideas: Religion is a childish game played by adults. Religion is a reproduction of the ideas of the past: myths, myths that are the imagination of the mind and have now become a firm belief. The hidden hypotheses we inject into ourselves about trusting the rules of the world. Beliefs created and practiced by certain individuals to gain personal power and fed to others. All this is imbued with a tiny bit of rationality and reasoning and logic. And always the basic and final rule is "You never have the right to ask a question, just believe!" But we ask questions.

The Ibn Jazrat Sister Association was well aware that superstition, belief, and religion were some of the best tools available to them through which they could gain widespread power and influence throughout the world. Bin Jazrat members had two methods or programs to use this tool; Mishunara Protectiva, or "Black Arm of Superstition," in which members traveled to planets and developing worlds, sowing the seeds of superstition and imaginary prophecies in the minds of the people there. Superstitions that grew and spread over the years and became popular beliefs and everyone believed in it.

The second method was the method of reproduction and procreation. For thousands of years, the Ibn Jazrat Sister Association established a strong and unbreakable system in the reproduction of its members. The women of Ben Jazrat were trained to control their own fertility, that is, they could choose when to become pregnant and even the sex of their baby. The members of the circle were placed in aristocratic families as wives and concubines to make sure that their children were born of the older generation and that everything went according to the plan of the circle and their influence was not diminished.

The ultimate goal of the birth plan Ben Jazrat was to give birth to the first son of this circle. The son of a boy who had access to both the millennial congenital memories (something they had been looking for for years) and was introduced as a savior and chosen person who was to lead the people of the world and raise Ibn Jazrat to the highest position in the world.

It is unlikely that the members of Bin Jazrat really believe in the existence of a chosen one and savior, but it does not matter whether they believe it or not. Their goal was not to create a god for themselves, they wanted to create a god in the minds of the rest of the world and bring him under their control. /2110/27/13430-4.jpg ">

If you want to see the result of Ibn Jazrat's work in instilling superstition and imaginary beliefs, just take a look at the people living in Arakis. The religion of the commandments is a combination of Zenasni (an ancient religious belief that is itself a combination of the teachings of Sunni Islam and the Zen school in Buddhism) and the prophecies that Ibn Jazrat read in the ears of their predecessors. The origins of the Zenoshi religion go back to a group of ancient travelers called the Wandering Zenis. Wandering jinns traveled from planet to planet to escape looters and slaveholders.

Over the centuries, this belief system continued in the Arakis Desert and its people became dependent on it. The people of this region had found their own ways to survive in the deadly environment of the desert and used spice in their food to gain strength and power. They also accepted the giant earthworm of Arakis as an incarnation of their own god. The commanders believed in a great and important prophecy, that one day a stranger named Lesana al-Ghayb (or Mahdi), who has the power of insight and divination and is a descendant of Ibn Jazrat, will come to Arakis and lead them to eternal freedom and deliverance. This belief was in fact one of the heaviest and most difficult predictions of the Jazrat circle, and it was applied only in areas that were completely separate from the rest of the world, and its people lived in the most complex and hostile conditions possible. The members of the council had come to the conclusion that in order to control the minds of the members of these primitive and dangerous areas, they had no choice but to instill terrible superstitions in their minds.

They brought that the circle of Ibn Jazrat himself had already planted in the minds of their predecessors. When the Atreides dynasty arrives on the planet Arakis, the myth of the savior and the tongue of the unseen has become a deep-rooted belief among the commandments and has taken on a whole new twist. The legend that eventually ties in with Paul Atrides, the protagonist of the story.

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