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Andy Warhol was a materialist and popular artist whose reality prophecy, reality TV, Facebook, Instagram, selfies and ticketing all came true. Consider: that in the future everyone will be famous for Kambiz Darmakhsh, a famous Iranian artist, has died

Kambiz Darmakhsh, one of the most famous contemporary artists, died today, November 6, 1400, due to coronary heart disease. He was an accomplished designer, graphic artist, cartoonist and cartoonist, Why are paintings being bought and sold at astronomical prices?

In 2017, at Christie's Auction House in New York, a mysterious purchase was made after announcing a $ 450 million bid (which for the time being) It was a record), it won the painting you see. Aydin Aghdashloo set a record of 12 billion Tomans in the 13th auction in Tehran

The 13th auction in Tehran was held online in coronary conditions, and Aydin Aghdashloo managed to set a remarkable record of 12 billion Tomans with a double-sided sign. Leave. Last year, the record h