Art and cinema > Music Review of Kaveh Yaghmai's 'Night People' album; Standard layout on unfinished ideas

Rock music in Iran has specific and limited fans. The origin of this music is not from our region; Even if it has similarities with Iranian musical instruments or has the potential to somehow enter ou Critique of Homayoun Shajarian's album 'Sometimes Forgetfulness'; Neither East nor West

Homayoun Shajarian in the album "Sometimes Forgetfulness" has made his second collaboration with Fardin Khalatbari after the album "Sleep with my sonnets tonight" and continues the path of modernizati ونجلیس; From the soundtrack Oscar to sending music to black holes in Hawking's lament

But this was clearly not enough for Papatanassio. One whose first musical endeavors, such as John Cage, were trial and error with the radiant sound of radio. After the separation of Forminx, Vangelis Sparks of cultural pleasures in a difficult year

In a 1400 summary, unfortunately, we did not achieve much culturally. In cinema, probably the only important event was the release of Shahram Mokri's film "Careless Crime". Of course, we had a big unp Test and sound of Casio CTK-3500 keyboard; Lightweight and portable

is an electronic keyboard made up of a combination of white and black keys similar to a piano. However, the number of keys on all keyboards is not as large as a piano. Casio is one of the most reputab Check and test the sound of the Maxton recorder flute; Lightweight construction at a reasonable price

Recorder name At the end of the recorder flute instrument name you may be mistaken that this instrument is used to record sound when it is not. The recorder flute belongs to the category of wind instr Check and test the sound of soot bass port; Daf-like sound at a reasonable price

Bandir Daf-like bass is one of the most popular percussion instruments in Iran, the mechanism of which, like the daf, is less complicated than other instruments. The price of this model of Bandir Bass Checking and testing the tonbak sound of Iran Saz Pardis model; Stylish, good-sounding and expensive

Iran Tonbak instrument The campus model is very beautiful and its skin is very delicate, but its price is a little high and more than 10 million Tomans. The point to keep in mind is that beauty and h Top 12 songs and songs suitable for Yalda night (happy and sad)

Yalda night is a traditional feast for Iranians. They gather together and eat Yalda special foods and say flowers and hear flowers. Morsik and music are also an integral part of this period. Yalda nig Checking and testing the sound of Iran Saz Santour Baran model;

BingMag Talent A bed to discover And nurture, monetize and popularize video content production talents. A platform for people who have the ability to create a variety of videos for BingMag in the "Pr Check and test the sound of Baghlama model High Neck- P03; Instrument for Turkish music lovers

The Turkish baglama instrument examined in this video is of the High Neck type, or in other words, the long handle, because the Turkish baglama instrument is made in two groups: long handle and short Check and test the sound of Yamaha F370 acoustic guitar; Clean and pleasant

has it. The combination of the hand on the handles and the frets with the hand playing the strings creates the sound of the notes on the guitar. For those on a tighter budget, the Yamaha F310 guitar i Checking and testing the sound of Suzuki A40_78 key flute; Authentic brand to buy an instrument

In this part of the talent video, we have reviewed a key flute from the very good and famous Suzuki brand. For the first time, the guest musician of this video is a woman. Ms. Hananeh Jahandideh plays Check and test the voice of Gimbi Remo model 01; Making a percussion from a reputable brand

Remo brand is one of the reputable brands in the field of percussion instruments. The jimbi instrument is made of a wooden body and belongs to the west of the African continent. In the African tribes, Checking and testing the sound of Mota'pour oud; Reminiscent of rich Arabic music

The oud of the Arabic version of the Iranian instrument is relevant and is one of the most popular among Arabic musical instruments. One of the most important features of this instrument is its reason Check and test the sound of Bajlavand fiddle model 80Tar_k; Eye-catching and pleasant

The first thing that attracts attention about this instrument is its beauty. Bajlavand fiddle is perfect in appearance and has a good manufacturing industry. The box comes with it and is well sewn and Famous Armenian musician and musician Zivan Gasparyan has died

Zivan Gasparian, the most famous duduk player in the world, died a few hours ago at the age of 92. 9 reasons why Hans Zimmer is the most influential film composer

. He has a brilliant track record and is still producing acclaimed soundtracks for films around the world. The top 26 songs that have survived in movies

Soundtrack, whether we watch it or not, is one of the most important parts of making a movie. Appropriate music helps with the staging, evokes the viewer's emotions, even tells a story on its own, enh Abdolvahab Shahidi, Iranian singer and musician, has died

Abdul Wahab Shahidi, the singer of the famous song "That Warm Look in a Wine Cup", died at the age of 99 due to heart disease. How Hitchcock and Fellini became one of Bob Dylan's classic albums

Nobody's Nobel Prize-winning artist Bob Dylan, even if you do not know him, must have heard his name. A singer, poet, composer and writer, he has had a profound impact on social and political movement How Alfred Hitchcock's 'Psycho' Inspired the Beatles Singer and Songwriter

The Beatles are a familiar name to rock fans, an English band with four members: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison. And Ringo Starr is one of the most influential bands of all time. The son Listen to the music of John Williams' Top 10 Movies

John Williams is one of the most famous composers in history and has undoubtedly written the most famous and influential themes and music.