Art and cinema > Music Checking and testing the sound of Mota'pour oud; Reminiscent of rich Arabic music

The oud of the Arabic version of the Iranian instrument is relevant and is one of the most popular among Arabic musical instruments. One of the most important features of this instrument is its reason Check and test the sound of Bajlavand fiddle model 80Tar_k; Eye-catching and pleasant

The first thing that attracts attention about this instrument is its beauty. Bajlavand fiddle is perfect in appearance and has a good manufacturing industry. The box comes with it and is well sewn and Famous Armenian musician and musician Zivan Gasparyan has died

Zivan Gasparian, the most famous duduk player in the world, died a few hours ago at the age of 92. 9 reasons why Hans Zimmer is the most influential film composer

. He has a brilliant track record and is still producing acclaimed soundtracks for films around the world. The top 26 songs that have survived in movies

Soundtrack, whether we watch it or not, is one of the most important parts of making a movie. Appropriate music helps with the staging, evokes the viewer's emotions, even tells a story on its own, enh Abdolvahab Shahidi, Iranian singer and musician, has died

Abdul Wahab Shahidi, the singer of the famous song "That Warm Look in a Wine Cup", died at the age of 99 due to heart disease. How Hitchcock and Fellini became one of Bob Dylan's classic albums

Nobody's Nobel Prize-winning artist Bob Dylan, even if you do not know him, must have heard his name. A singer, poet, composer and writer, he has had a profound impact on social and political movement How Alfred Hitchcock's 'Psycho' Inspired the Beatles Singer and Songwriter

The Beatles are a familiar name to rock fans, an English band with four members: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison. And Ringo Starr is one of the most influential bands of all time. The son Listen to the music of John Williams' Top 10 Movies

John Williams is one of the most famous composers in history and has undoubtedly written the most famous and influential themes and music. Excerpts from the works of Mohammad Reza Shajarian; A small religious homage to a big man

Mohammad Reza Shajarian was a member of the most important music group in Iranian history, Chavosh. From his heartwarming ballads to his intricate songs, he doubled the weight of the poems he sang. Mohammad Reza Shajarian died; The great lover of Iran flew to the beloved land

Mohammad Reza Shajarian, the great Iranian musician known as the Master of Iranian Song and Khosravi of Iranian Song, died at the age of 80 after enduring a period of illness. A few minutes ago, his s 10 memorable pieces by Mohammad Reza Shajarian

This list introduces the top 10 songs and compositions of Mohammad Reza Shajarian; A collection of Khosravi pieces and songs of Iranian song, each of which is unique due to its special mood and musica Top 7 albums of Hossein Alizadeh; Experienced musicians

September begins with the birth of Hossein Alizadeh. Great Iranian musician who is both a composer and a musician. If you have seen the fascinating documentary "Bazram Razm" by Seyyed Vahid Hosseini, Top 10 Music by Enio Morricone (Part 2)

As we promised, here we are with the second part of the podcast of the best songs of "Ennio Morricone". In the first part of the podcast introducing the top 10 music of Enio Morricone, which we previ The creator of the most beloved melodies of cinema has died

Ennio Morricone who was one of the greatest composers in the world and was especially known for the many pieces he made for cinematic works. He could have died at the age of 91. Undoubtedly, he was t Top 10 Music by Enio Morricone (Part 1)

If we say Ennio Morricone is the greatest composer in the history of cinema, we do not dare to exaggerate. So, sooner or later, we had to dedicate part of the "Top 5 Music" podcasts to introducing E Top 10 Soundtracks of the Decade

In this article, we have prepared the top 10 soundtracks of the second decade of the 21st century for you to listen to; A list of the best soundtracks that you can travel to the world of movies even w 5 types of Iranian and Western instruments that are suitable for every taste

Buying a good maker in all cities of Iran is not an easy task. But in BingMag, you can easily choose and buy your instrument from a large number of reputable brands. This article will help you choose Free cultural entertainment for quarantine days; From Milad Tower to Louvre Museum

The corona virus is making people all over the world these days. For this reason, cultural centers have begun to think of ways to keep people at home, to entertain them psychologically, and to make th Criticism of Mohsen Chavoshi's nameless album; Frustration with fruitless repetition with Rumi and new experiences with Saadi

Mohsen Chavoshi's Unnamed album, whose original name, of course, was the gambler's album, with which he could not get a license with a one-week delay. It was released and fans of Mohsen Chavoshi's w Songs and songs suitable for Yalda night

Yalda night is a traditional feast for Iranians. They gather together and eat Yalda special foods and say flowers and hear flowers. Morsik and music are also an integral part of this period. Yalda nig Veteran composer and singer Tooraj Shabankhani has died

Touraj Shabankhani, composer and singer, who introduced him to the popular song "Your eyes are still like starry nights" and the song "What is the name of spring? We knew he died of an illness at the Midnight with Radio Pol (Episode 30 - Queen Group)

In the series of programs "Midnight with Radio Pol" which will be broadcast every Thursday night, we intend to get away from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding world and listen to good music for