Art and cinema > Movies and series 6 exciting X-Men movies that were stopped with the merger of Disney and Fox

This long series ended with the merger of Disney and Fox, because Disney He now plans to present his personal films based on these mutant characters. This development was pleasant for those who dreame From autumn animations to the most important films of 2022; The best of art and cinema

If you do not have the opportunity to read important literary, artistic and cinematic news and articles, you can get a collection of the most important news and the best articles and videos in the wor 5 Transporter Movies that introduced Jason Statham to the cinema from the worst to the best ‌

The Transporter Collection was the beginning of Jason Statham's career as an action hero. So it is not bad to get more acquainted with its films. Transporter hit theaters in 2002, introducing Statham 7 great characters created outside of comics for the Marvel movie world

However, sometimes Marvel movies and series require completely new characters never seen in comics, especially when they focus on lesser-known superheroes. 6 Terrible villains that Batman can easily defeat

We often argue about which characters are the most powerful villains in the world of Marvel and DC, but we overlook a completely different genre. The villains of horror movies can be the ultimate vill 13 comedy series that look like 30 unconventional and lovable comedy rock bands

One after another, these myths were removed from the program to produce or participate in their TV series, and 30 Rock was one of these destination series. The series attracted the attention of critic Enola Holmes 2; Everything we know about this enigmatic Netflix sequel

With the release of Enola Holmes' original film on September 23, 2020, the world became acquainted with a completely new main character in the world of Sherlock Holmes. In the film, which is based on Top 25 films adapted from William Shakespeare's plays for those interested in luxury films

William Shakespeare formed the basis of modern English and had an irreversible influence on the development of intellectual and poetic literature, which, a few centuries later, still has fewer example 10 historical films that you should watch if you are interested in the Roman Empire

The Roman Empire, along with Iran and Greece, is considered one of the superpowers of ancient civilizations, and the tour of its historical events is so fascinating that anyone is a particle of histor Uncharted film; According to the signs of the trailer, what are the changes compared to the video game?

The Uncharted movie finally shows the story of this series of successful video games in cinemas, but the first trailer of the movie showed that it also brings big changes. . Directed by Reuben Fleisch Top 11 movies about social networks and cyberspace

Of course, social media has helped us to see creative forms in cinema; Examples include works that tell their story through the screen of a smartphone or computer. This fledgling subgenre (Screenlife) 10 Reasons Why Edward Dastichichi is the most iconic character in Tim Burton

Tim Burton has registered many iconic characters in his name. One of these characters is Edward Dastigichi, a different and kind monster who is a metaphor for Burton himself. Here are 10 reasons why E 9 scary documentaries that scare you more than any other movie

Some documentaries with topics such as real criminal investigations that have been the headlines and inhumane behavior in institutions to care for the most vulnerable in society, forcing viewers They Who is Adam Warlock? Description of the Guardians of the Galaxy character

The story and roots of the enemy of Tanus in the Marvel comics, Adam Warlock, in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 will be very interesting. Recently, there were rumors that Will Poulter, the actor who rose f 10 spectacular Tom Cruise movies that few have seen

Tom Cruise has become an action hero in recent years, and most people watch his films not because of his acting skills, but because of his deadly stunts. They are watching. He is one of Hollywood's mo Who is Marvel's smartest avenger?

There is no denying that the avengers of the Marvel movie world are smart, but who is the smartest among them? To find the answer to this question, we must look at the main avengers and rank their int Everything you need to know before watching the movie Dune

The long-awaited movie The Dune, directed by Dennis Villeneuve, was released this week, and many viewers are looking for information that is needed beforehand. Be aware of them by watching the movie. Arrows; Everything we know about the story of the new DC superhero movie

Fans Many are waiting for Miller to star in this role and in his first exclusive film, which is scheduled to be released in 2022, because Michael Keaton will also appear in this film as the Batman of Top 6 films by Samuel Khachikian; Hitchcock Iranian Cinema

Samuel Khachikian is known as the director of Iranian cinema and he has even been called Hitchcock of Iran, but in fact this was not the only activity that he He did it in the cinema. Khachikian, who 10 Stephen King movies that are worth watching many times

Now that the Halloween horror season is upon us, moviegoers are once again turning to their horror classics. Many of the most memorable horror films ever made are based on Stephen King novels and shor Why is Disney having a worrying day at the box office after a decade?

After a decade of box office dominance, Disney must now try to replicate its previous successes. There have been some big changes in the studio recently, and for the first time since 2012, there is a One of the main characters of 'Alone at Home' is present in the remake of this film

Home Alone Movie Trailer: Nowhere Does Your Home Become One of the most important characters in the original Home Alone movie, and cleverly from Take advantage of his presence. 10 loyal assistants to Disney animation heroes

When it comes to Disney movies, all the attention is drawn to heroes, villains and princesses. But why doesn't anyone pay attention to the loyal assistants of these main characters? Here are 10 forgot