Art and cinema 10 important success factors of the famous anime 'Jujutsu Kaisen'

Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen was an explosive success in every way. Its manga quickly became a bestseller, selling more than thirty million copies worldwide. The unique design style and attractive ch 7 movies similar to 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' for fans of fantasy adventures

"Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" is the latest project in the expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film once again shows the battle between the superhero wizard, Dr. Steven Strange an 10 quotes that prove Thanos was right

Certainly one of the most shocking moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was the defeat of Thanos by the Avengers in Avengers: Infinity War. This mad titan destroyed half the world with a snap of h 7 series similar to 'Terminal List'; Pure experience of excitement and action

Chris Pratt has had a busy year. Apart from acting in the movie "Jurassic World: Domination" and appearing in "Thor: Love and Thunder", now his latest TV project "Terminal List" has been released. Thi All the secret hints and references of the movie 'Jurassic World: Reign'

The third Jurassic World film has various references to the original films of the "Jurassic Park" series; The collection of these references, along with a number of other secret and attractive points, 'Umbrella Academy' series; Disappointing difference between the series and its source

The TV series "Umbrella Academy" is one of the successful series that is based on comic books but has nothing to do with Marvel or DC. It's true that the series hasn't been very faithful to the comics 10 films similar to 'Black Phone' that fans of the horror genre should watch

Ethan Hawke made a name for himself by playing a role in horror movies such as "The Purge" and "Ominous" and now by appearing in a new horror movie. Under the title "Black Phone" it has been able to g Top 10 exclusive Apple TV Plus movies you must watch

Apple TV Plus has a large number of affordable and spectacular titles that are exclusively made and broadcast by this service. Apple TV Plus is a movie and series streaming service that was launched b Summary of the story of the third season of 'West World' series in simple language

If you have recently started watching the fourth season of Westworld and have no idea what happened in the previous seasons or maybe like Many fans of the series have forgotten the motivation and role Top 10 Hollywood screenplays of the 2000s; From 'Lord of the Rings' to the animation 'Bala'

Alfred Hitchcock always believed that a great film needs three important elements in its path to success: "Screenplay, screenplay and screenplay." Behind many of the best films that have been made, th 5 historical tragedies of 'Downton Abbey' series that are rooted in reality

"Downton Abbey" is a British historical drama series written and produced by Julian Fellowes. The series follows the story of the Karali family as they try to maintain their real estate, their lives a How does Hollywood help promote violence with the well-armed hero?

Hollywood has been depicting armed men on the cinema screen for years, who heroically save people and the world from evil forces. But it is clear that the truth is something else. On the screen, this What if Matthew McConaughey played Jack Sparrow instead of Johnny Depp?

What would happen if Jack Sparrow, the anti-hero of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series, was played by Matthew McConaughey instead of Johnny Depp? Originally, Matthew McConaughey was slated to play 10 memorable animations similar to 'Minions: Rise of the Gru'

"Minions: The Rise of Gru" may be one of the animations that many audiences of all ages are waiting for its release. Illumination's latest movie, Minions: Rise of the Groove, hit theaters on July 1, a Ryan Gosling's 16 Best Movies (Portrait of an Actor)

Ryan Gosling (full name Ryan Thomas Gosling, born in 1980 in Canada) as a teenager and with a brief appearance in the movie "Mickey Mouse Club" (The Mickey Mouse Club) produced in 1995-1993 by Disney Why doesn't anyone watch Ms. Marvel even though it's great?

The new Disney Plus series, "Ms. Marvel" met with positive reviews. So why do so few people watch it? The series that introduces the character of Kamala Khan to the Marvel Cinematic Universe currently 9 family-friendly horror movies; From the animation 'Hotel Transylvania' to 'Jaws'

The horror genre typically has nothing to do with family-friendly entertainment. Horror movies have brought many nightmares to people around the world since they hit the theaters. Jump scares, blood, 5 anime that Shakespeare lovers must see

At first glance, William Shakespeare and anime might not be a good combination. But the fact is that we have a lot of good anime that either adapted from this most famous playwright in history, or dev 'Irma Vap' miniseries; The most complex production in the history of HBO

Film is the most haunted form of art; The ghosts of past films and actors, like thought and imagination, each inform a new film, and sometimes the remake of a film or series can be like exorcism, a wa 10 Things Fans Hate About Billy Butcher's 'Boys' Character

The character of Billy Butcher in the series "The Boys" (The Boys) is a stunningly imposing character that we watch well in the third season as he tries to overthrow Making the superheroes of the stor 10 different films about the resistance and occupation of France in World War II

In 1980, when Francois Truffaut released The Last Metro, there were relatively few films about the French resistance. Since the wounds of the Second World War were still fresh and unhealed, giving up 5 horror movies that have poor endings

The ending of a horror movie should be shocking, somewhat believable for the audience and realistic for the story. No one likes a confusing ending to any movie they've watched for two hours, so someti 15 stunning face changes of actors in science-fiction films

In science-fiction films, concepts, characters or worlds are presented to the audience that are usually unfamiliar to them. It depends on the director how he makes the world of his films convincing an Why don't all characters in a movie need to be lovable and tangible?

Storytelling is impossible without different characters. By advancing the plot, they are an inseparable part of a narrative and make the audience connect with the story. Relating to a character or pli