Art and cinema The members of the jury of Fajr 1400 Festival were announced; From Shahab Hosseini to Majid Entezami

A few hours ago, the members of the jury of Fajr 1400 Festival were finally identified, and among them, from screenwriter and director to cinematographer and composer. 10 Hollywood actors who drowned in their role

It is generally believed that 10,000 hours of intensive training is necessary to become a master in any field. This rule also applies to acting. Of course, only a handful of actors have achieved such Top 8 Netflix Original Movies to be released in 2022

Netflix has been known as one of the largest video streaming services ever since its inception as a DVD player. From time to time he unveils unprecedented commercial designs. In 2017, for example, it 10 unique movies about going to the movies!

The last two years have been difficult years for filmmakers. Quarantine and social restrictions made watching movies take on a different meaning, and screens went out of the way they had adhered to fo Which films are most eager to watch at the 1400 Fajr Film Festival?

The ticket sales of Fajr 1400 Festival for the general cinema lovers in Tehran started this morning, and most of the tickets for the films "Lost Man", "Betrayal" and "Private Meeting" started. In less 20 movies that you would relax watching

We all sometimes need soothing movies that help us relax. So usually after a day, a week or a month, or a lot of exams, we play that movie to get the peace and quiet we need. 5 points about the 'Joker' program; A waste of time or an attractive program?

Copying of foreign programs is becoming a common practice on TV and the home theater network. Perhaps if the programmers were looking to get rich on their programs and produce programs with high conte Marvel Cinematic World; 10 Bad Things That Happened to Loki

Loki, the god of evil in the Marvel movie world, is the favorite villain of the fans, who now plays the role of a hero and has appeared in several different movies and his spin-off series. had. Tom Hi From Jean-Claude Carrier to Shakespeare and the Golden Tooth (Weekend Art Suggestions)

This week 's art suggestions do not have the same theme as in previous weeks. "The city of the city of France. "Of all colors." It is difficult to offer something or something to others, and sometimes Matt Damon helped Ben Affleck quit playing Batman

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have been close friends since childhood, and since their success with "Good Will Hunting" in 1997, and the Oscars They got the best original screenplay, their careers were v If you like 'Yellowstone', watch these 10 innovative and Neo Western series as well.

" Yellowstone "is a neo-western with vast landscapes full of vengeful cowboys riding their noble horses in the mountains and rivers. The series, directed by Taylor Sheridan, is currently airing on the Who is Dean Whitman in Marvel's 'Immortals'?

Marvel's cinematic world has a mysterious future for Whitman's character in Immortals. Dean Whitman, played by Kate Harrington, was one of the two people in the film who played a key role throughout t 20 Frankenstein horror and fantasy films from worst to best

The famous and popular novel "Frankenstein" written by Mary Shelley has been the source of adaptations of many movies, series and animations in cinema and television. There are also rumors of a movie 10 brilliant Japanese documentaries for Asian cinema lovers

Japanese documentary cinema has received much less international attention compared to its fiction productions. Of course, this problem is largely due to the lack of access to these works. More than 1 Drive my car movie review; A picture of life in all its complexities

Haruki Murakami is truly a boon to East Asian cinema. Once a year, however, we see a good cinematic adaptation of his work, which also happens to be very successful. In 2010, Tran An Hong made "Norweg 15 Thoughtful Movies That Change Your Worldview

Movies can change the way you look at life; They have the potential to summarize years or even all of a person's life experiences in a matter of hours. Cinematic works are sometimes encouraging or hop 12 comedy films of 2022 that we are waiting to see

There are many comedy films to be released during 2022. Works from various genres, from science fiction to abstract and legal dramas, will be screened in cinemas in 2022 with a touch of humor and come From 'soul hunters' to 'home alone'; Is nostalgia destroying cinema?

Ghostbusters: Afterlife's new film is a clear example of the obsession that has befallen Hollywood: sending audiences into the back alleys of memories. In this article, Jack King of the BBC raises the Marvel Cinematic World; 10 bad things that happened to Spider-Man

Spider-Man: No Way Home It added to Peter's pain and suffering and put him in the most difficult situations of his life. Now, with the completion of the first trilogy of the Marvel Cinematic franchise 9 big series that will return to television in 2022

We have good TV series in 2022. Despite the slowdown in the production of many TV series in 2020, we saw many new and exciting series in 2021. Romance and fantasy movies did not catch up with Spider-Man (Box Office of the Week)

"Spider-Man: No Way Home" sold $ 14.1 million in the United States last week. To increase its total revenue in this country to 721.01 million dollars. The Mojo box office also announced "Spider-Man: N Top 7 Jennifer Lawrence films; From 'Do not look up' to 'Red Sparrow'

Few actresses have been able to appear in as many films as Jennifer Lawrence in a short period of time. The Oscar-winning actor began his career appearing in series such as "Monk," "Cold Case" and "Me 10 great cinematic adaptations that were not faithful to the source of their adaptation

Nobody said you had to go exactly with the book. Adaptations that take on the color of reality are astonishing because they are always accompanied by the question: "How faithful will the film be?" For From animations with deep meanings to beautiful movie houses for life; The best of art and cinema

If you do not have the opportunity to read important literary, artistic and cinematic news and articles, you can find a collection of the most important news and the best articles and videos in the wo