Art and cinema Resident Evil Trailer Analysis: Welcome to Raccoon City; 20 points from the story ‌

New Trailer "Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City" New details and monsters of the story along with some hidden messages and clever allusions to video games The original shows Resident Evil. 7 great designs by Rami Malek that you should not miss

Malik, who has worked alongside industry giants Tom Hanks, Paul Thomas Anderson and Spike Lee, won both an Emmy and an Academy Award for Best Actor before the age of 40. The man received. Malik soon b 10 Dangerous Hunters of the Teen Werewolf Series

Fans became acquainted with several hunters and their families, but few of them posed a dangerous threat to the Scott group. Whether because they were overwhelmed by the revenge of those around them, 11 Titanic species introduced in the Titanic Attack anime

In the beginning The story is told that the only goal of the Titans is to find humans and devour them, while physiologically they do not need to eat human flesh. Since most of them show little sign of Top 40 action series of all time

Battle scenes, whether with guns or swords, have long been a staple of all cinematic content, and with the charm they give to movies, we are left helpless. These films show. From old epic films to fil 17 remakes of Disney animations from best to worst

According to a report released by CNBC in July 2019, Disney has been live-action since the release of Alice in Wonderland. in Wonderland) had more than $ 7 billion in funding for the company in 2010. 10 most influential Walt Disney characters in history

These characters are not necessarily They are not the main characters of the animation and sometimes they even have a small role, but they have an undeniable effect not only on the course of the story Will Gavin's character die at the end of The Green Knight?

He may or may not be beheaded at the end of the Green Knight movie in which the two Patel plays Gavin, but in the end the most important thing This is the path he has taken. Why is the army of thieves different from the army of the dead?

The first preview of the Netflix Thieves Army movie has been released, which is different from the Dead Army movie. There seems to be a good reason for this distinction. What effects does Immortals have on Marvel's storyline?

The movie Immortals will have a wave effect throughout the fourth phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Producer Nate Moore has sarcastically said that the film, thanks to its story and powerful charact Oscar Prediction 2022; ‌ Will a black-and-white film take home the Oscars again?

No Time To Die, in which Daniel Craig plays James Bond for the last time in front of the camera Once released, it is also becoming the best-selling opening film in British history and hopes to break t Why is Daniel Craig the best James Bond in history?

Going back to 2005, we find that Daniel Craig was not a popular choice to play James Bond at all. Some fans thought that the performance of a person with a height of one meter and seventy-eight centim 7 powerful avengers who are not yet in the Marvel movie world

Marvel's cinematic world continues to grow with each new DisneyPlus movie and series, adding more powerful Avengers to its list of heroes. 7 original James Bond movies that you should see to better understand this franchise

The James Bond franchise began in 1962. During this time, 24 James Bond films have been made, and the next installment, No Time to Die, has just been released. Especially since almost all movies have 10 spectacular films inspired by poetry

Many stories make up Hollywood movies that are inspired by a variety of media, including video games and even poetry. In this article, we have named the top 10 films that are inspired by poetry. 10 exciting movies that you must see on the advice of Paul Thomas Anderson

Talking about Paul Thomas Anderson is actually talking about a genius filmmaker who from the very beginning promised the presence of a brilliant director It was shown in American cinema. A filmmaker w From Shahrzad to Khatoon; 8 powerful female characters in home show network serials

Time can change anything at a strange speed, and in the meantime the characters of movies and series to They change over time. If we consider films and serials to reflect the realities of society, the Critique of the first season of the composite game series; Is this series overpriced?

These days, the Squid Game series is by far the hottest series or perhaps the cultural product of the world. Suddenly we opened our eyes and saw that it was talked about everywhere. There was so much What do critics say about 'Sinner'?

The Corona epidemic of the film industry was met with a serious crisis that stemmed from the reluctance of audiences to watch films in cinemas and the complex conditions of filming cinematic works tha Oscar 2022 forecast; Does Joel Cohen shine as a director alone?

Strongest Director The Harder They Fall by James Samuel could be nominated in five categories this year, with Alfonso Cuarn (Best Film, Best Director, Best Non-Adapted Screenplay and Best Cinematograp Top 10 Kate Winslet Movies; From Titanic to Steve Jobs

Kate Winslet is one of the most respected and talented actors of her generation and has been working at the highest level of cinema for more than 25 years. He began his career working with Peter Jacks 9 episodes of the game series consisting of the worst to the best

The new Netflix series, Squid Game, is soon on its way to becoming the most watched series on the platform of all time. What sets the composite game apart from other series on the service is the tensi 10 movies in the Halloween season for those who do not like scary movies

Autumn (at least on paper). Since many of us are still trapped in the four walls and it is strongly recommended that we continue to do so as much as possible, we have not yet seen or felt autumn prope Ultran vs. Tanus; Who without the stones of eternity will win the battle?

Ultran and Tanus are some of the most famous anti-heroes in the Marvel movie world, and although Ultran easily beats the crazy Titan in the series, if? Marvel cultivation But the battle between them w